Friday, March 12, 2010

How Do I Rock This??

Hello my fellow Pudgies!! Pix here with my new bi weekly post titled How Do I Rock This? I plan on taking fashion trends that seem to only be for twig girls and show ways you can rock them as a plus size girl.

SOOOO the very first trend is going to be this:

Align Center


I know!! I can hear the WTFs from here but it can be done!! I'm a size twenty four and I have rocked short shorts!! By adding one thing...stockings!!!

I normally go with black for the slimming look but you can rock colored too!! Just stay away from white stockings and you will be set!!

Rock this look even further by adding a pair of kick ass boots!!

I highly recommend Torrid to find shorts, stockings and boots!!!

Always remember my lovely Pudgies: To be fabulous CONFIDENCE IS A MUST!!

Peace out